Thursday, April 8, 2010

| Make your own "white board" |

Formatted to fit a 22"x28" frame this 2 color vinyl is $28.00

Here's a fun project for you...

I'm re-doing Jackson's room and he's such a visual guy, I thought he would love having his very own 'white board' to track his important events. I was right! I came up with this super easy project and it adds so much to his new digs (it even coordinates with his color scheme).


22x28 inch frame (I got mine at Hobby Lobby, 1/2 off of course!)
3/4 of a yard fabric (I used a very light burlap)
hot glue gun


Take apart your frame and cover the insert with your fabric. Pulling tight as you glue around the edges of your insert. Clean your glass well and apply your vinyl to the back side of the glass (hence the reason it is cut out backwards). This allows you to clean the front of the glass and not damage the vinyl. Put everything back together and plan away.
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